Masterclasses & Consulting

Best Value

The Wealth Builder's Platinum Package

An all-in-one package consisting of unmatched growth resources and opportunities

  • ​Developing the Business Plan Masterclass
  • ​Prospecting for Homes Masterclass
  • ​Managing Contractors and Rehab Construction Masterclass
  • ​Writing the Lease and Dealing with Tenants Masterclass
  • ​Four Hours of In-Person Prospecting
  • ​Four Hours of Consultation Call

(Normally Retails for $6,188)

Developing the Business Plan

An informative online masterclass that reveals:

  • The 5 Key Areas of a Business Plan
  • How to create and develop and high profit budget
  • The 2 critical financial statements any business plan must have
  • ​The one deadly assumption that can kill a new business idea
  • ​The business plan development and continuation model

Prospecting for Homes

An informative masterclass that shows you how to:

  • The exact workflow for turning a small rehab budget into huge profits
  •  Find profitable investment properties using Jerome's 5 Proven Investment strategies 
  •  Navigate tax auctions and the 2 things you MUST know before you go!
  • ​Get the most out of your realtor
  • ​Recognize profitable investment homes when you see them!

Managing Contractors and Rehab Construction

An online masterclass for experienced and aspiring real estate investors:

In this class you will learn:

  • The secrets to selecting a productive contractor
  • ​ The real truth about a job being done right, and how to recognize it
  • ​Two of the most prevalent types of contractors and how to negotiate with both
  • ​How to make intelligent choices about which repairs to do when rehabbing an investment property
  • ​One sure fire way to NOT get taken advantage of by a contractor

Writing the Lease and Dealing with the Tenant

An informative masterclass that shows you how to:

  • Important facts and real-world truths about the fair housing law
  • ​Generate immediate profits by properly pricing your new investment
  • ​Get more profitable tenants without overshooting your budget
  • ​The ugly truth about quality a tenant - 2 things that every landlord must know
  • Structure your lease to minimize your stress and put more money in your pocket!

In-Person Prospecting

Jerome D. Love will provide 4 hours of his professional time to be used as client chooses. Examples of tasks include the following:

  • Personalized face to face training on working a tax auction
  • ​In person consultation and professional opinion on rehabbing properties to determine profitability
  • ​One on one training to development a profitable real estate investment strategy
  •  Customized instructions to help you find the right tax auction properties
  • ​Strategies to locate hard to find property owners

Consultation Call

One hour for a personal consultation with Jerome D. Love to be used however client desires. Sample call structure would include

  • ​Real talk about what you were likely never told you about money and finance
  • ​Gaining a personal understanding of your personal financial situation
  • ​3 powerful tips to developing a strategy for financial growth
  • ​Assessment of financial projections and rehab costs (For Advanced Investors)
  • ​And review of contractor bids, engineering or architectural plans (For Advanced Investors)
  • ​Guidance on getting plans approved by the City and County municipalities
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